In view of these developments and to capitalize emerging opportunities, CHOHAN ESTATE collaborated with Knightsbridge Capital Group (www.knightsbridgecg.com).

A leading Financial Sector Group working under the leadership of country’s renowned Financial and Management experts – to form a company in the name of RECO Alliance Private Limited. RECO has worked extensively to develop an operational system for the real estate franchises according to international standards that at present is unmatched in Pakistan. RECO has also devised a system for franchises to support for their architectural design, centralized marketing, a web portal for listing of properties, CRM module with multiple benefits including an instantaneous update of each property under disposal and the scheduling/progress of each sales agent.

RECO is authorized to act as a supervisor of CHOHAN ESTATE’S franchising process. Directors of CHOHAN ESTATE and Knightsbridge Capital Group sit on the board of RECO Alliance Private Limited.