CHOHAN ESTATE provides a unique platform of Real Estate services that is unmatched in Pakistan. Some of the salient features for Franchisee are:

  1. Trusted Brand: People deal with CHOHAN ESTATE in full confidence.
  2. Experience of 35 plus Years: You will become part of more than 35 years’ experience of CHOHAN ESTATE from day first.
  3. Greater Number of Deals: CHOHAN ESTATE closes the highest and fastest number of deals in market; you will become part of it from the very first day.
  4. Low Cost Entry and Highest Return: The expected pay back is within one year.
  5. Listing Portal Designed for Franchisee: Web portal to enlist properties through sales agents free of cost.
  6. Lead Generation: General public can also enlist their properties on the web portal from all across the globe and that will become your leads.
  7. Network Support: For your leads, the support of entire network would be available to find buyer or seller; high probability of early closure of deal.
  8. Advanced Technology:  Up-to-date technology to:

      i) Capture HD graphical presentation of properties for the offsite viewers.

     ii) Schedule daily activities of each sales agent (like property visits, client calls, new listings etc.) and complete contacts management of each sales agent.

    iii) Generate daily progress sheet of entire franchise for franchisee.

  1. Centralised Marketing: For franchisee, properties, and sales agents.
  2. Legal support: For legal review of properties at disposal and contract finalisation with customer.
  3. Training: Available for franchisee and sales agents
  4. Uniform Operations: Entire network to follow uniform operations for the ease of franchisee, sales agents, and customers.
  5. Identical Ambiance: Architectural support available to franchisee to renovate and maintain ambiance according to uniform policy of network.
  6. Regulatory Compliance: The entire network is envisaged to be fully compliant with the prevailing regulations of Government of Pakistan. In line with our Corporate Social Responsibility.